For our media assignment we had to make a 3 minute short silent film and here it is! (Yes the name is lame, I know, but the zombie's were supposed to dance b...

Part 1 of 2 Downloadable here:;50656.

11 Responses to “Year 11 Media Silent Short – Zombie Shuffle”

  1. Yasmin Sheikh says:

    I do sign autographs, I’d like to thank all the fans 4 believing in me.

  2. katrina Liparota says:

    Awesome work girls…….

  3. Emma Rachael says:


  4. simonarbelle says:

    Yay! :3 Turned out f a b u l o u s!

  5. Kazimierz Fyodorovich says:

    Paul, I love when you sing the Doom map name, I like you, YOUR AWESOME AND COOL to me.

  6. ElektraMode says:

    I’ve been hoping you’d play this map since 3 years ago xD.

  7. PremierMilenkov says:

    Okay, I have to admit, as far as Doom 3 maps go, this one’s pretty amusing, especially the custom e-mails. ‘Yours dyingly’, ‘the goggles. they do nothing’ 😀

  8. TehDoomVideos says:

    “Sounds like me.”

    That’s why I love you Paul

  9. “…To see if there was something physiologica- WOOOOOAHHHHH …way to stop them.” This map rules, I can’t stop laughing some reason. Especially at the random STTP 3 pop up.

  10. “Dumb, fat, slow” Paul: Sounds like me

  11. Lol…Zombie Shuffle.