young Eight year old Alex shows off his zombie shuffle.

10 Responses to “Young Zombie shuffle”

  1. NewOrleansWoman says:

    LOL Thanks for sending this Teye— he’s really great ! LOL He reminds me of Connor when Connor was young– really good moves little zombie !! Keep up the good work little buddy !!

  2. Yay, Alex!  Great Zombie Shuffle!

  3. Teyethegreat says:

    This is freakin awesome…

  4. SuperJellybelly01 says:


  5. ssj5kyuubi5 says:

    Alex that was AWESOME!!!!! U should b professional!!!!

  6. Your going to hell for saying that to my son who is only “8”

  7. Belle Jones says:

    My god, your a AWESOME dancer!! Nice!

  8. Pablo Lorenzo says:

    just go kill your self FAGGET !!!!!!!!!

  9. elena diebold says:

    he did an amazing job at dancing! i wish i knew how to dance like that!!

  10. If I ever saw a zombie doing that I don’t know if i’d run away or stare in amazement.