Songs I mentioned in this video Fade-The Narrative Zombie Love Song-Your Favorite Martian Pale Kid Raps Fast-George Watsky Crash-Lunic The Funeral Shuffle-Hey Young Believer (not played) No More Sorry Songs-Greenland is Melting *****Nerdfighter/Youtuber Circle Journal!***** Rules and stuff: I need to have everybody's address before I send off the journal. All 10 addresses will be written on the front page. When you get the journal in the mail, you can read what has been in it so far and then create your own part. Your addition to the journal should be 2-5 pages. You can write stories, songs, poems or just about yourself. You can add pictures, trinkets, a coin etc. You can also draw, paint, or well anything! Just as long as you don't destroy the journal, or anyone else's work. Do not keep the journal for more than a week! Try to get it in and out as quickly as possible. Then, you cross out your address on the front page, and send it to the next person. You will have to pay shipping, but it seems like a small price for this amount of awesomeness. Anyone around the world can join as long as you can receive and send mail safely. The first journal will only have 10 addresses in it, but if there is a large interest, I can send more! Want to do it? Comment here and/or PM me! LINKS: My channel: Our twitter: Our vYou! (if you want a specific one of us to answer a question, please direct it to that person) Our Facebook: Our Dailybooth ...

7 Responses to “Zaira kicks off music week poorly”

  1. Zairabear says:

    @Rainbowsfailing Email or message me your address and I will add you πŸ˜€

  2. JadeSClark says:

    @Zairabear how many people are on the list so far?

  3. Rainbowsfailing says:

    For not being the video you wanted, it was interesting. I love Indie music too, I totally plan on checking the website out. And Pale Kid Raps Fast: way more awesomer than Rebecca Black.
    I wanna be one of the addresses!

  4. Zairabear says:

    @MsAnarcho Just private message me your name and address and I will add you πŸ˜€

  5. Zairabear says:

    @JadeSClark Yeah we totally should! BTW do you want to be on the list?

  6. MsAnarcho says:

    Hey glad I gave you an awesome idea! πŸ˜€ I would totally love to be one of the 10 address if I can πŸ™‚

  7. JadeSClark says:

    i think each of us on the channel should be in a separate journal chain, each of us starting our own as more and more people become interested, just a thought… πŸ™‚ you should start off the first one, then leah will start the next one, then tessanie will start the next one, etc <3

    and dude, i'm so sorry about all your footage πŸ™ tht totes sucks...