i woke up really early... for work again... so im a zombie... and my shoes are full... thats the best thing that i could come up with ^_^ it rained! for about a week! what fun!
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Song is Zombie by Andrew Spencer and The Vamprockerz leave tips and comments please!
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5 Responses to “zom… bee… shoe… full…”

  1. oOMortimerOo says:

    this is actually what my body does on its own whenever i wake up… i have a spazzing problem… help… me…

  2. is this the only way you can wake up to work?

  3. nice.. there gettin better

  4. aww i know you 🙂 you ball out ryan

  5. JPPretzel says:

    great work this fantastic for ur first vid (saw ur comment on melb shfl 3 comp) how long u been doin? uve got a gewd technique so to improve all u need to do is go harder and make it faster but that comes with time and practice so dun rush that also try and get sum spins in afta ahwile, good work brew chek out ma vidz
    btw ur crip walkin will help ALOT with ur shuffle thats y im guna start to lern c walk now lol