hardstyle zombie nation shuffle
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Hi, he's back again, he wanted to show me this clip of him shuffling to rap music. So I decided to post it up like the rest of his, and see what you guys/girls/viewers thought of it. Title Song: Zombie Nation(Starts at: begining, ends at :19) Song used: Remember The Name (Starts at: 20, ends at:end) I had it all fixed up perfectly, but aparently it's a "3rd party content" -__-'

7 Responses to “Zombie”

  1. phoenixdown808 says:

    nice. check out my vids. subscribe plz

  2. @imtou Then do it, and stop asking me to do it -__-” Besides, I got a lot of people already sayin’, “Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk!” ect… -__-“

  3. lolz i can but not all moves
    still learnin 🙂

  4. Yeh, but I don’t jerk =P not my thing, if you feel me. Oh! OR, you can make a jerking vid! =P

  5. imtou?
    you know who i am
    and jerkin is easy
    search it up on youtube there’s this one vid that teaches you

  6. @imtou I would, but sadly I don’t jerk

  7. you should make a jerkin vid 🙂