Michael Rooker, also known as Merle Dixon from The Walking Dead, demonstrates how he would take down an attacking zombie. Here's a hint: Pop 'em in the knee ...
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25 Responses to “Zombie Combat with Michael Rooker | MythBusters”

  1. TwinkieDevils says:

    say no to racism

  2. syahrul ridzuan says:

    hah..that remind me how your leg shooted by arnold schwarzenegger

  3. lol they closed the inscription “CoD” on his cap

  4. TitaniumTip W says:

    We’ve been through a vampire phase, a werewolf phase, and now a zombie
    phase. What’s next

  5. ttylbodydark says:

    How would you even know if they could run, you do know they are fake and it
    just seems like you saw zombie land and world war z and now think you know
    everything about

  6. ttylbodydark says:

    Zombies from two movies

  7. kostas tzoras says:

    damn… that was some real science bro..

  8. Madeline Foat says:

    you know zombies can run , right?

  9. i dont know why i do the things i do never did im a dam mystery to me-merle

  10. TheHappyFish says:

    Wheres part 2????????????????????????????????

  11. What’s next

  12. FlawlessMatador1 says:

    I guess there’s always one asshole who has to bring politics into this.

  13. The Walking Dead

  14. Zombie lawyer were are you

  15. John Bergstrom says:

    nope, just cap them in the ass, LOL.

  16. I think a long hallway full of walls smashing together and tons of steel
    blocks moving Back and forth by some quick moving rapids of sewage water Or
    flood water going to a landfill

  17. MYSOULOFDOOM says:

    Nearly missed this episode hapily I’m one show away from seeing it

  18. christopher m primm Sr says:

    So freaking short WTF

  19. forestdweller01 says:

    Wati a minute. He just said that zombies are not real, then proceedes to
    say that the slow moving zombie (their zombie) are real zombies. wtf???????

  20. L.J. McLean says:

    Knee, other knee, pin down, then head. Got it.

  21. Yeah I got extra shotgun shells to spare in an apocalypse

  22. Hardet Valdez says:

    NO NO the swin flu is a disease that makes peaple crazy THE CDC Has locked

  23. Jessica Coleman says:

    So u mean zombies arent real….

  24. Ben noneofyourbeeswax says:

    I think an chain sword/chain saw, is most effective for mass zombies

  25. I just saw a video called “Child Sees No Reason Why Iron Man Costume Can’t
    Be Worn To Grandfather’s Funeral” so I`m not amused