An extremely low budget short zombie horror movie. Please don't waste time saying this is stupid, it's just a bit of fun, not high art. Whining will on;y make you look like a dickhead. As I was hanging out with Moyzie And Nick & Jack from Ministry Of Awesum We decided we should make a video together. We basically made this up on the fly (and it probably shows) but it was still fun. This is my BlogTV channel: Stalk me on Twitter! Read my blog! Send me hate mail! GPO Box 3290 Melbourne 3001 Australia Call the angry phone 0424 05 69 65 in Australia +61 424 05 69 65 outside Australia
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Zombie Horror on the streets of Melbourne”

  1. AngryAussie says:

    @Featherpirate It’s a good place for a chase

  2. Featherpirate says:

    chase scene in Hosier Lane? you win. xD

  3. AngryAussie says:

    It was great fun

  4. Hehe im sure u guys had fun doin this video for ur audience.. liked it! ehe.. 5*****


  5. AngryAussie says:


  6. imoveatparaderest says:

    This video was funny

  7. AngryAussie says:

    I don’t waste any time with people like that

  8. Eratacator95 says:

    lol whats up with all the haters on angry aussie personally i think he will kick all your asses cause hes one angry guy

  9. AngryAussie says:

    Glad you enjoyed it

  10. Angrybeaver1988 says:

    these lulz! they r epic

  11. AngryAussie says:

    That was the basic intent

  12. FernandoSRamirez says:

    i like how some people are willing to type paragrpahs of what the think of the video O.o

    i thought the video was hilarious in a what the fuck kind-a way.

  13. AngryAussie says:

    HAAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA You seriously could’nt make ourself look any more pathetic. But I have a suspicion you’re willing to try.

  14. ijk240695 says:

    hey Angry Aussie, do you want to see angry.
    Name the place and i’ll kick the shit out of you.
    I’m no wimp hiding behind the computer, I live in Melbourne and I am not fucking happy

  15. AngryAussie says:

    A cockless fucked up loser keyboard warrior says OTHER people are hiding behind a keyboard???? AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH You pathetic fucking piece of shit! You have no idea how stupid you’re making yourself look, do you? Holy fuck you are one stupid motherfucker!

  16. ijk240695 says:

    Angry aussie, be very careful with the personal abuse you cocksnot hiding behind a computer.
    I gave my opinion, opinions are like arseholes we all have one. I reiterate, that was a lot of garbage and a waste of time. You want to make more of it, I can certainly oblige.

  17. AngryAussie says:

    Nobody gives a fuck what you think.

  18. ijk240695 says:

    Thats 2.35 minutes of my life I wont get back.
    Guys I’m also a Melburnian, thats what you see coming out of the nightclubs on King street at 5 in the morning. Why go to this much trouble for that.

  19. jordz0005 says:

    no it was great, i say it is one of the best zombie shows on youtube.

  20. AngryAussie says:

    Total legend!

  21. Who ever dressed up as the silent hill nurse is a legend.

  22. AngryAussie says:

    It was fun

  23. lol its all abit of fun had a giggle, i thought it was neat lol

  24. AngryAussie says:

    You see the stupidity I have to put up with 🙂

  25. KonManPwnPwn says:

    Just watched your video on Stupidity and then read through the comments on this and your responces made me laugh 😛
    Keep it up dude xD