I found a remix that fitme so well...DISCLAIMER .... i dont own this song.

7 Responses to “Zombie nation shuffle”

  1. SmoothOFFICIAL says:

    Hey so my crew is hosting tryouts and we havent gotten many results in so we are just going around telling them whats going on. So im hoping you could tryout. Here is the crew channel name. ===> ForTheHarderStylez. Hope you tryout and if you do GL but u wont need it 😀  EF//EHS//EOC//BS//-Smooth

  2. xXlAwsbeatsXx says:

    very fluent! Nice to watch, keep it up!

  3. Kyle Shuffler says:

    ur rite im an idiot :DDD melbourne ftw.

  4. shark bait says:

    sick X3

  5. Dude that isn’t Malaysian style, That’s melbourne.

  6. Kyle Shuffler says:

    I usually dont like how Mal Style looks but that was awsome yoo

  7. EAJuninhO says:

    Nice style man!
    eA| Junin