A song created from a musical track created by Donovan Tucker and selected for contest on Broadjam. The contest invites others to contribute to the "musical ...
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  1. mourajohnUSA says:

    Great tune – Your description of zombie paradise is a lot like New Jersey

  2. JEFF RAUSCHL says:

    Indeed we are. I have like 4 layer, a listen, a like, a favorite, a
    download but no matter I’m almost never disappointed.

  3. cinderellalifestyle says:

    you were about 30 days ahead of the game with this Jeff!!! I missed your
    last upload, and such a funny tag on the end….travel agent…..lol came
    today to catch up…..this is worth many listens,,,,YT has us so spoiled we
    are like lil bees that flit from bloom to bloom….this is a gem… Cheers!

  4. Seriously dig this — very abstract and cool … yeah! BTW – subbed! peace
    man … Mike

  5. rhymesauce says:

    absolute brilliance. way cool!

  6. JEFF RAUSCHL says:

    With my sense of humor My favorite’s Warm Bodies, Fido, Zombieland, and the

  7. Great work, Jeff. That movie an the follow up “Zombies” are cult
    movies….when i see the trail of serials like “Walkin dead” I smile…what
    the nerve they have to exploit (in a mediocre way) that old Romero
    (actually before him Jacques Tourneur “walked with a zombie”) idea…..

  8. James Daniel Reeves says:

    Very catchy Jeff. If I could jump into a film I would not want to be living
    in a zombie movie. I would probably live in a Zombie movie before being
    inside John Carpenter’s The Thing or that movie Slither. A perfect
    Halloween treat of a song this is.

  9. iyo thezais says:

    Good job my friends thumbs up

  10. bluesharp59 says:

    Happy Halloween Jeff ! yeah I just missed a couple of your cool videos.
    Take my friend .

  11. JEFF RAUSCHL says:


  12. JEFF RAUSCHL says:

    They still have a heart, it’s just not beating lol

  13. nice work!!!! great song and video.thumbs up

  14. I like the fifties TV theme, and the cool vocal sound. “We won’t grow old
    together, but together we’ll decay!” Those Zombies always have an appetite,
    now it extends to love, it seems. lol.

  15. tinitussi21 says:


  16. JEFF RAUSCHL says:

    🙂 thanks Mitch.. Yeah, I crack myself up too. My girlfriend will just
    shake her head at me sometimes, (and of course I’m hoping for a brain
    spillage when she does). The final lyric evolved to “we’ll share a frontal

  17. HurricaneMitchSongs says:

    Very funny and entertaining song. I love the line “….I’ll put a bottle in
    front of you and have a frontal lobotomy.”

  18. Michele Barton Thomas says:

    LOL!! Great ending to the song!!!

  19. Michele Barton Thomas says:

    lol another fun one!

  20. JEFF RAUSCHL says:

    Thanks so much. I really like the way it came out. .

  21. JEFF RAUSCHL says:

    Thanks so much. Pretty proud of how it came out.

  22. eatonjohnrobert says:

    You are bubbling with creativity Jeff. This one is fun.

  23. Jeff that was AWESOME!!! thumbs up man…….

  24. JEFF RAUSCHL says:

    Sorry to ruin your breakfast

  25. JEFF RAUSCHL says:

    You’re Cracking me up my friend