Yes, another different character has leaked out of my brain. Sometimes completely unexpected things happen. Like, a relatively out there video by SeanBedlam gets featured. Then an utterly predictable thing happens fuckwits make stupid comments. I'm serious - zombies have more intelligence than these losers. A final thought: featured videos are fleeting but SeanBedlam and I are going to change your lives. Stay tuned

25 Responses to “Zombie Pride (Re: Stupid people are dumb)”

  1. AngryAussie says:

    Sounds good

  2. AngryAussie says:

    I just deleted it. There’s a classic coward that actually posted as a reply to a commenter rather than to me so I wouldn’t see it. Those fools put so much effort into being cowards and it takes no effort to get rid of them.

  3. vickiormindyb says:

    You might like a book I read once. It’s called ‘Zombie Lover,’ a Xanth novel by Piers Anthony.
    There are always a lot of puns in the Xanth series, but he turns zombies into protagonists rather than the evil, shambling monsters other writers and filmmakers have made of them.

  4. vickiormindyb says:

    I’ve never seen a more disgusting, mean-spirited and downright cruel comment than the one murrangurk made. Four comments down from mine.
    When I was taking classes on how to write short stories, our Instructor told us we’d have to understand what motivates our characters.
    We were supposed to use real people’s motivators to accomplish the task.
    I still have no idea what motivates people to say cruel, terrible things.
    Which is why I’m not a gr8 writer; I don’t understand the antagonist.

  5. FindleOfLoathing says:

    He’s the boring person, I’m prepared to listen to a more interestin zombie i.e George Bush

  6. AngryAussie says:

    That’s exactly the sort of prejudice he’s fighting against.

  7. FindleOfLoathing says:

    Soz jst hav 2 say that character’s a little boring, you’re a much better speaker! 😛

  8. AngryAussie says:

    I’m not sure who you mean.

  9. You sounded like a mildly smart Dwain Dibly(not sure of spelling)

  10. AngryAussie says:

    Zombies eat so many brains it would even out.

  11. ScarlettKitsune says:

    I wonder what would happen if a zombie ate a stupid person’s brain… Would the rate of brain rot increase? o.O

  12. AngryAussie says:

    Yeah, that was the first time I used it!

  13. That mask just reminds so much of the line “I really did mess up my face!”, the “unmasking” video done after the one in which Mac appears 😛

  14. AngryAussie says:

    that’s a good plan

  15. Krysannia521 says:

    Anyone else voting for feeding the dumbasses to the “life-challenged”?

  16. Life chaleged still move forward on a guy with a Shotgun and a lot of Ammo

  17. AngryAussie says:

    I don’t delude myself that people I don’t like will go away, I just like having a go at them for my own amusement.

  18. Anonymous221 says:

    stupid douchebags like don’t deserve to be on the internet, please GTFO!

  19. AngryAussie says:

    Exactly, we’ll all be sucked into nothingness by these peoples’ stupidity!

  20. The person who made this video is stupid because stupid and dumb mean the same thing OMG the irony is turning into a black hole! 5*

  21. AngryAussie says:

    hahahaha I’ve heard about them. We don’t actually have them here.

  22. RiverBirch1967 says:

    This new character really should stick around. He beats the Geico Caveman commercials.

  23. AngryAussie says:

    Even zombies are astounded by the level of stupidity exhibited by some people.

  24. SventheCrusader says:

    “‘The person who made this video is stupid because stupid and dumb mean the same thing.’…fuck me!”

    Lmao. Awesome.

  25. AngryAussie says:

    Thanks 🙂 I try.