The Zombie Shuffle is a ham radio QRP contest held every year during Halloween time frame. Purpose of which is to get on the air and have fun making contact ...

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7 Responses to “Zombie Shuffle 2008 with FT-817”

  1. SuperCapsfan101 says:

    I was expecting a QSO with Count Goatula! Keep up the good work, hope to work you soon. 73 de K3CXG

  2. Druidemporor says:

    intresting video…
    hopefully i can get into some of these contests once i get my general (hopefully) in a week or 2

  3. I concur, you did an excellent job on the video. I love the sassy goats!! 73s. 🙂

  4. GeoDon999 says:

    Alfred Hitchcock is rolling over in his grave at this very moment! Steve, We now see where your passion is buried!

  5. overrated675 says:

    Fine job on the video Steve! I think the mask helped with the propagation. Goat comments made me laugh…
    73 Scott

  6. rogertangodotcom says:

    Fine job on video OM!  Thanks for another FB share! Have fun, CW FOREVER!

  7. Good job Steve. You did a great job on this.