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25 Responses to “Zombie shuffle by 4C1D”

  1. Mona Mata says:

    Idk y I like this music but I do

  2. Brayn Campos says:

    Fucking awesome

  3. jessysanchez840 says:

    so sick

  4. Tommy Salcido says:

    >.< asome ^.~ d=8 cool -.- [t••]t fu

  5. Tommy Salcido says:

    Love it ^.^ t••t fu

  6. hperez1239 says:

    Love it ^.~

  7. Omar Zenteno says:

    Puro black ops 1 and 2

  8. Alexander Morales says:

    This is what im talking about

  9. Harder Limeyson says:

    Asys - Bassturbation check that

  10. Gizzel Helen says:

    Second song is: personal hesus eric prydz remix

  11. axel7hotmailcom says:


  12. otonielb1ify says:

    I was just playing blck opps when i was hearing to this song. I Luv it! 😛

  13. christianbarreno30 says:


  14. erikadiaz126 says:

    Best song

  15. Leonidasdagreat says:

    the second part is one of the best songs ive heard so far

  16. Manuel Beltran says:

    Dope but should have been longer

  17. 713angelmendoza89 says:

    Want to download this video but don’t known how someone help

  18. mimlryback70 says:

    Xexyinudezzbq d

  19. May Torres says:

    Ignore the bad comments, I thought it sounded badass ^.^

  20. Aleejandro Hernandez says:

    downloading, for my new video♥!

  21. OpT1MuSxHD says:

    Ur Mom.

  22. OpT1MuSxHD says:

    Ur Gay.

  23. dopeshit718 says:

    Sounds gay

  24. theonlyoscarh says:

    This aint malayasian

  25. fpsmexican18 says: