Zombie Techno Hardstyle Remix

This is Music by Techno Zombie Hardstyle Remix. Tumms up for more music. Leave an comment and like for more uploads. 🙂 Plz like and sub my channel. http://w...
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This video is of poor quality due to Windows movie maker, the fact that Muhammed doesn't know how to use his camera phone and blatant poor editing skills. Ma...
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9 Responses to “Zombie Techno Hardstyle Remix”

  1. o yeah and the guy behind louise on 46 secondds is better than her

  2. galliman123 says:

    @DaiShuffler Lol I didn’t really know Baffy, and I don’t think I’ve seen
    him since then anyway

  3. elextrixxx says:

    THX mate! Had an awesome time in Melb and i´d love to meet u again!

  4. Boss hill…

  5. David Arzola says:


  6. ToddShufflez says:

    @JNAK4BBC It is fake grass, its very painful barefoot.

  7. galliman123 says:

    @JNAK4BBC that’s me aha……

  8. ToddShufflez says:

    Haha I remember that day, good to meet you guys ! 😀 -Todd

  9. anyone can shuffle on fricken grass