zOMGWTF ZOMBI35! A group of convention goers flee as a hoard of zombies shuffle towards them. I decide to join in the chase, and soon enough I'm shuffling and moaning in the same manner as the rest of the crowd. Translation - Very shaky second half of the video. Funny thing: When I first start chasing after them, it kinda looks like I'm just stalking the two girls in front of me... Also at 1:59, that's me proclaiming that the zombies do not notice my presence.

20 Responses to “Zombie Walk Kawaii-Kon 2009”

  1. EdwardLovesJacob says:

    Lol, that fat Goku.

  2. BuddaBoyz808 says:

    *Everyone STOP! and do the Caramel Dansen!*

  3. haha awesome!XD Know what? Somebody should have put Thriller on while the zombie-cosplayers were walking! Would’ve made it more awesome.

  4. KairiAngels says:

    Omg, I can see my friend in there!!! :O

  5. I wish I could of gone there to celebrate my 18th birthday. (T-T)

  6. notfraid2Bindividual says:


  7. cyberzero808 says:

    awesome im ON FILM!!!!!!!
    I was in the front filming with a shoot gun (not the millitary guy just a kid) I filmed freom the front veiw ur vid and mine are like both related ur in the back im in the front =D AWESEOME GO KAWAII KON

  8. sweetsugarpill says:

    hahahahaa.. OMG!!.. too funny.. XD

  9. SaiyanRocker says:

    Oh god, that was me in the back with the axe.

  10. Oh holy crap, you ARE the awesomest zombie.

  11. Thx man!!!

  12. haha, dude! AWESOME Me at 0:33 with blonde hair as Trish behind a Dante. ^^ Thanks for posting so fast1!!!!!!

  13. Sunday around 3:30.

  14. noobishactz says:

    This was posted up fast!

  15. Goku was the awesomest zombie ever!!!

  16. Chugokujinko says:

    i just realized that we need 4 people to dress up as the 4 survivors from left 4 dead and stand in front of the sombie walk and pretend they’re shooting everyone XD

  17. Chugokujinko says:

    what day did this happen on and around what time? XD

  18. InRainbows140 says:

    LOL I SAW ME AT 2:21 XD

  19. InRainbows140 says:

    then i joined in XDDD

  20. iDunKnowCosplay says:

    lol!!!soooo funny!!!