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show how I improved featuring JEWcy hehe this is nice isnt it..?

8 Responses to “zombieeee nation @ defqon1 sydney 19-09-09 EPIC!! =D”

  1. Uziel808 says:

    Whos that very very tall guy shuffling i must say hes very good XDDD

  2. TAKEyourCREATURE says:

    Oh hey richard has a youtube xD

  3. DoICountAsHuman6 says:

    Ne ne Oppa! That was awesome sauce^^

  4. 69Bloodstreaks says:

    What’s up with people liking my 1-2-1-2 thing on facebook?

  5. iStrawberrysan says:

    @Amaricanshonni Its called La Di Da by Barracuda.. (i thinkthats how u spell it) hehe

  6. Amaricanshonni says:

    8D! This is awesome. Keep up the good work. ^_^;
    PS: What’ s the first song called? o.o I must know. D:

  7. iStrawberrysan says:

    @69Bloodstreaks um this awesome guy named JEWcy!! man i gotta say hes awesome

  8. 69Bloodstreaks says:

    Beautiful…Just beautiful…who editted this? i must know