haha, yay. first recorded dj mix on virtualDJ the two songs are: Sandstorm - Darude Zombie (Ray Knox Hard Trance Remix) - Andrew Spencer and the Vamprockerz i reckon these songs fit pretty well together. if you reckon it's shit you're probably right, this is what i do in my bored time -.- apart from playing pokemon heart gold LOL XD anyway, enjoy and all that shizz.
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8 Responses to “Zombie/Sandstorm Mix [VIRTUALDJ] dಠ_ಠb”

  1. wildturkey2211 says:


    lol. thankyou scott.

  2. scotty360JRock says:

    holy shit this fuking owns
    when did u get so good at making music

  3. wildturkey2211 says:


    woot haha thanks :>

  4. Keikshuffle says:

    Jenz you’re so pro xDDD
    Very nice mix =P Two very nice music so a very nice result =P


  5. wildturkey2211 says:

    @jasonward1987 thanks :3

  6. jasonward1987 says:

    i like it dude a lot

  7. wildturkey2211 says:

    @Recruit173 haha lol i should -.- XD thanks :3

  8. Recruit173 says:

    I do not know the game, but I can say that this is awesome! You should do this more than playing Pokemon Heart Gold.